Month: June 2019


Cologne Wearing Tips For Men

Today I’m giving all the men out there cologne wearing tips. These tips are the does and don’t of cologne. Advertisements

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iphone xs

Moving From iPhone 8 to the iPhone XS

I decided to make the jump from my iPhone 8 plus to the iPhone XS. I have had almost every iPhone S series since the iPhone 4 S. I am not one to grab the first generation of any device, that’s why I have always waited for the S year of an iPhone release. Since […]

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facial hair

3 Mens Facial Hair Styles

We all know facial hair is a trend right now. Many men have facial hair and while clean shaven was a trend for a long while facial hair is the in trend right now for men. Unless you are a billionaire businessman or CEO of a fortune 500 company like Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), […]

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