3 Things Every Guy Should Do To Impress Women


Every man wants to make a good impression on women they care about like their wife, fiancée, girlfriend or someone on a first date. There are things all men should do to make a good impression on women these things are simple, easy to do, cost no money and show you are a classy guy.

Open the Car Door

If you are driving or not you should always open up your ladies car door. Ladies love a guy who has to take the few extra steps to open their car door. This kind gesture shows you are willing to put effort into her by having to walk all the way around the car to open a door and it makes her feel special.

Help Her with Her Coat

Don’t be afraid to hold her coat open for her and help her with it on when it’s cold outside. This gives you the opportunity to make a kind gesture that takes only a few seconds and gives you the opportunity to get close to her and give her a peck on the cheek. If she’s leaving helping her with her coat serves two purposes. You probably need to walk her to the coat rack by the door so you are walking her out and by opening the door for her to outside making her feel twice as special. If you want to go for the home run walk her to her car if she asks why are doing it just say “I want to make sure you get to it safely.” or “I want to spend as much time as I can with you before you leave.” Either way, it shows her you care and you should if she is your lady.

Pull Out Her Chair

If you are going to spend all the money or time to cook or take her out to dinner pull the chair out for her to sit. This will take you maybe two seconds and make a great showing for your good manners and class. If you are going to a bar and there are no chairs move the stool out for her and few inches this will do the same as pulling out the chair it shows good manners and makes and good first impression.


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