3 Tips for a Job Interview

job interview

When going in for a job interview you want the best chance at getting that job here are tips to help you get that job

Dress Accordingly

The general rule is to dress a level over the job you are interviewing for on that day. If the job is shirt and tie job wear a suit on the day of your interview. If the job is a construction job wear a good pair of jeans and a pressed dress shirt or a pair of slacks and a good polo shirt. At times being overdressed can be worse than underdressed.

One thing I want to point out about dress make sure all the clothing you have on is wrinkle free or pressed. If you do not know how to iron spend the ten dollars to bring a shirt and pants to the dry cleaners. Wrinkly clothing tells the interviewer you don’t have time or don’t pay attention to detail and this is not the impression you want to make for a job you want.

Be Groomed

If you really want this job you need to put on your best face. Go to the barber or salon and get your hair trimmed, cut or styled into a professional look making sure it’s neat and presentable. The morning of the interview shave or trim your facial hair to make yourself look presentable and groomed. If you are wearing a button-up shirt make sure to have no chest hair exposed it does not look presentable. Manscape the chest area or play it safe and wear a white or black t-shirt under your dress shirt to look presentable.


Make sure to shower, wash your hair and put on deodorant and cologne appropriately. The worst thing you could do is have an odor during an interview it sends the message you don’t care about your presentation and can make the interviewer cut the interview short just to get you out of there to get rid of the smell.

Remember one thing about the interview process your interview starts when they first look at you and you do not get a second chance to make a first impression.


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