4 Hair Putty Products for Your Hair

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Hair putty is a hair product designed to help you sculpt and mold your hair into a style while giving your hair a nice textured and natural look. Hair putty consistency ranges from a thick paste to a tacky glue with a medium hold. Most products out there offer a matte finish or a very slight shine to the hair and, being the most versatile styling product hair putty works with virtually any hairstyle.

Hair Putty is deliberately designed to be moveable enabling you to rework your style throughout the day, perfect for those of us who prefer to looking like there is nothing in the hair. Putty is the ideal hair product to complete those messy, unkempt hairstyles.

To style your hair with hair putty, warm the product between your palms and distribute evenly through your hair. Putty can be used pre or post-blow-drying and remains re-workable throughout the day.

I tried four products that you can pick up at any store they range in price but here is what I thought of them. I would like to point out that feelings about hair products are subjective since my hairstyle, texture, and feeling on hold and smell may be different from yours.

I would like to point out as well that sculpting paste and putty are very similar. There is little to no difference but the name.

American Crew Fiber – $9.67

While this product is very good the price is the highest but like the old saying goes you get what you pay for in most cases. I did like the slight shine it gave my hair so if you want more of a matte finish this may not be the product for you. The product has probably the strongest hold out of the four I tried and there was no smell or fragrance.

Axe Styling Putty – $9.49

Axe gave me a good hold and more of a dry flat finish. The product was very loose for a putty-like almost a glue or paste kind of feeling. I did not like the texture of working with it very pasty like and really did not remind me of a putty texture. Slight smell to the product but not bad.

Old Spice Putty – $7.99

The Old Spice had a very strong smell stronger even stronger than the Axe to the point people outside my bathroom smelled it even. I could smell it on my hands even after I washed them. The hold was not great but the hold was a dry hold with a flat finish.

Dove Sculpting Paste – $6.99

Dove makes good affordable products for men the smell was mild and was a stiff putty so it was easy to work with and style. The hold was mild with a little shine but I bought the medium hold they do have one that has a little better hold and I think that one might have been perfect for me. The hold was little less then hold then Axe if I would have bought the stronger hold I might have been ok.

If I was going to recommend any of them which I normally don’t recommend products I would say the American Crew Fiber would be the one I would use just because I think it was the best the Dove runs a close second.


15 thoughts on “4 Hair Putty Products for Your Hair

    1. Great article. This is something worth reading. Thanks for sharing. I learned a lot from you again.

  1. My husband used American Crew when his hair was short. Now its super long and he needs a cut, so I used the rest of his product for him. 🙂 Good stuff. I really enjoy your product reviews. Thanks!

  2. My dad has used American crew for ages! It works great because it’s not too heavy and makes his super thin (we have very thin straight hair in my family) look styled without weighing it down too much or making it greasy.

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