4 Tips For Wearing Cologne


I have found from talking to women that women still like men to wear cologne. But there are tips to wearing cologne that all men should know.

1. Don’t Wear Too Much

Wearing too much cologne is just as bad if not worse than wearing no cologne. Do not use too much that it’s overpowering to the people around you that just makes people all day go “What’s that smell?” Remember with cologne sometimes less is more.

2. Apply Properly

Remember cologne is not like women’s perfume it’s usually stronger so one spray is usually enough. Spray the mist into the air and walk into it that is how cologne gets applied properly. The other way to apply cologne is to spray a little bit on a cloth and just touch your pulse points like the sides of your neck and wrists.

3. Pick a Good Brand

Never buy cheap when it comes to cologne. When you buy cheap cologne it can irritate your skin and cause you to break out. The cheap cologne usually smells cheap in the sense it’s not made as well so it usually has a strong aggressive smell that can really not be attractive to people. I usually tell people to buy Michael Jordan or Tommy Hilfiger cologne it’s usually under $20 dollars and is made well to ensure no skin irritation and have a great smell at an affordable price.

4. Never Use It as Deodorant

Cologne is used to make you smell good but it’s not deodorant. Cologne does not cover up smells it just adds to them. If you are sweating or have an odor bring deodorant with you to help with your smell do not use cologne as a smell cover-up. When you have body odor and put on cologne you just made the situation worse not better.


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