5 Tools Every Guy Should Have


Power Drill

Every guy should have a power drill. A power drill is a perfect tool to have if you are going to do anything around the house from hanging a picture to fixing a door you will be dealing with screws flat and philips and nothing will serve you better than a good power drill.

Socket Set

Every guy needs a good socket set for working around the house or working on his or her car. No guys wants to be asked by his wife or girlfriend to look at her car and say I can’t I don’t have the tool. A socket set is cheap enough to keep around and can pay for itself the first time you need to change a spark plug on a car or fix your kids bike.


This one is a must if you are a guy that owns a home. I good wrench will come in handy the first time you have a leaking faucet around the house or your toilet is leaking. This is one tool you will be glad to have in your toolbox. Just a turn or two of a wrench can save you calling a plumber to fix something that takes a minute to fix.


Another great tool to have is a hammer. You just never know again when you may need to hammer in a nail to hang a picture or fix a piece of molding that got loose around the house. This is a cheap and simple tool that every guy should own.


There is no reason to not own a pair of pliers. They are again one of the cheapest tools you can buy and are a great multipurpose tools for fixing things around the house. Anytime you need to bend something or pull something apart plyers always give you a better grip. Buy both a pair of needle nose or regular they are cheap enough.


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