6 Reasons Guys Should Get A Smartwatch


I know the smartwatch and wearables industry is very popular. Some people like wearing a smartwatch and some don’t but let me give you some reasons to wear a smartwatch.

Using the Phone

I use my phone a lot for work and if I get a text or a call, I do not need to pull my phone out I can just use the device on my wrist to answer a call or text message. It saves time and makes my life easier.

Music Controls

I listen to my headphones a lot and while using my headphones if there is a song I do not like or just want to change I can just hit the next button on my watch I never need to pull out my phone.

Health Monitoring

I think it’s important to know how much we are walking, standing up or exercising. While I am not a huge exercise guy having a way to monitor this and keep tabs on stuff like heart rate, steps and exercise is a great thing to have and very important.

Personal Style

Apple has pretty much made a new accessory market by making the Apple watch there are thousands of different bands and watch covers that make the Apple Watch the perfect accessory for your wrist.

Forgot My Phone

Not all smartwatches have cellular but for me my Apple watch does, and I like the fact if I forget my phone, I can use my watch to answer a call or a text. I like the fact that I can use my watch and not bring my phone on a run or in a gym.

Unlocking My Laptop

My laptop is a MacBook and you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your laptop and not need to keep using the password. I love this feature and use it every day.

My smartwatch is something I really like and its more of a convenience than anything else and we all know people will pay for things like convenience.


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