7 Tips To Help Lift Your Spirits While Your Stuck At Home

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Do you want to lift your spirits in these weird times? I have seven tips that can help lift your spirits while you are stuck at home. I hope this helps you.


If you want to lift your spirits make believe you are going to a meeting or out on the town and give yourself a good shave. This will make you feel better and lift your spirits and make you feel less scruffy.

Get Dressed

While at times walking around in your PJs is fun days and days of that can and will drag your down. Getting dressed has been chosen to help people lift their spirits and make them feel better.

Styling Your Hair

Nothing makes you feel like you’re going out like styling your hair. If you want to lift your spirits during these crazy times style your hair like you are going somewhere it makes you feel batter and maybe inspire other people in the house to look good as well.

Take A Shower

While I think hygiene is a huge thing right now and we all should be more concerned about this more than anything right now so every day makes sure to get a quick rinse and take a shower.

Brush Your Teeth

Morning breath and bad breath can not only make you feel like you just rolled out bed everyone around you will not be so thrilled with the smell. Get up every day and brush your teeth it helps lift your spirits and keep your teeth healthy.

Take A Walk

While I encourage all of you to stay safe during this entire thing a little walk outside on a nice day is ok for you. Just follow CDC guidelines of you are walking past people. Getting out and getting a little sunshine will really help lift your spirits and help you feel better. Plus getting out in the sun is healthy you need the vitamins from the sun.

Start A New Series

Nothing is better at keeping your mind busy at a time like this I recommend finding a new series on Netflix, Hulu or HBO and start watching a few episodes. This will make the time go by, get your mind off things and help your mind get away from everything going on today.

Do your best every day to stay positive in these times we will all get through this together.


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