8 Things a Guy Should Carry In His Bag


No matter what kind of job you do every day whether you are a lawyer, doctor, technician, contractor or writer you probably carry some kind of bag with you. That bag maybe a backpack, laptop bag, briefcase or toolbox. No matter what you carry with you every day to work there are essentials every guy should have to help him keep looking awesome all day.


No one likes to look at or have chapped lips. Cracked lips can hurt and look unsightly. To keep your lips looking great always carry a small chapstick in your bag.

Wet wipes

I personally never really used these a lot until I had kids now I use them all the time they are essential to my everyday survival. Not to mention how many times I go into a bathroom and there is no soap to wash my hands. I have used wet wipes as well in the summer when wiping down my face on a hot humid day. Wet Wipes can keep you looking and feeling fresh.

Gum / Mint

I never really worried about my breath until someone made mention of it one day now I am self-conscious. I always carry breath mints in my bag after lunch or just if I noticed my breath not smelling great I will grab one.


Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Advil I always recommend having some kind of painkiller in your bag. Nothing can really ruin your entire day and workflow like a headache.


Tums or Rolaids nothing is worse when you’re trying to work than dealing with an upset stomach. Everyone should always carry something to settle their stomach in their bag to help them get through the day.

Hair Comb

You just never know when you are going to run into wind, rain or something that’s going to ruin your good hair day. Having a comb in your bag can really save the day.

Moisturizer / Hand Sanitizer

If you’re going to be shaking hands with people you may want your hands to feel nice but you may also want to clean your hands after as well. Keeping these moisturizers and hand sanitizer in your bag will keep your health and your skin feeling great.

Dental Floss / Toothbrush

If you are worried about having something in your teeth then having dental floss or a toothbrush in your bag is the way to go. I carry a toothpick with me personally but I am into whatever works for you.


6 thoughts on “8 Things a Guy Should Carry In His Bag

  1. This is all true! So many men carry a high school looking backpack because they think bags are not masculine, but a backpack is worse! Shhhhh don’t tell my husband I said that! I think there are tons of cool bags out there for men, and would relieve our responsibilities of holding their keys, wallet or phone!

  2. I always wondered what guys carried in their bags. These are all very practical items. Good to know.

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