Advantages to Single Blade Razor Shaving

single blade razor

I have personally switched to a single blade razor as of late after countless issues with skin breakouts, cuts and skin irritation. While shaving with a single blade razor is a learning curve and will require some practice single blade razor shaving has advantages over using cartridge razors like Gillette.

Unlike cartridge razors, single blade razors only cut the hair on your face where cartridge razors have multiple blades one blade pulls the other cuts. This pulling cutting combination may give you a close shave but it causes ingrown hairs, hair pulling and skin irritation before and after shaving.

Cartridge razors are expensive buying a pack of three or four blades can set you back $15 to $25 dollars every time you buy unless you go with a company like dollar shave club but a single blade razor pack costs five dollars for a pack of 10 blades.

Cartridge shaving is much easier overall but shaving with a single blade razor is much sharper and requires single short strokes to shave. A single blade razor is one blade going over your face one time where cartridge razor heads are multiple blades going over your face multiple times doing the pulling cutting action as I mentioned earlier so you can see how a single blade is much easier on the skin.

The actual shaving action itself does require some practice with the single blade razor as you must hold the razor at a 30-degree angle and go with the grain of the facial hair. Cartridge razor heads do all this for you making it harder for you to get nicks or cuts when shaving. Single blade razor shaving you are more prone to nicks and cuts since it’s not a safety razor like cartridge system but if done properly you should not get any nicks or cuts.

I found single blade razor shaving to be cheaper and most of all better on my skin. While single blade razor shaving might not be for everyone if you are someone constantly getting razor burn or having skin irritation this is something to try that you might want to try. While all of us have different skin and different needs I found this to be better for me than a cartridge razor system.


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