Four Things Men Can Do To Have More Energy

more energy

We all work hard all week long at our jobs and sometimes we all wish we could have more energy. Sometimes you just need more energy to do things. These four tips are things you can do to get more energy.

Get More Sleep

Not getting enough sleep every night can really be an issue people that do not get enough sleep are at risk of health issues when they get older like heart disease. It’s important to get as much sleep as you need some people can get by with three or four hours of sleep some people need eight or more. Know your body and get enough sleep.

Drink Coffee

While not always the best thing to get hooked on drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can give you that little kick in the ass you need sometimes to get moving in the morning after a good night’s sleep of course. Having at least one cup of coffee in the morning has been shown to help fight mouth and stomach cancer.  So have a cup of coffee every day the caffeine will do you good.


Exercise has been shown to help improve energy. By losing weight and increasing your activity you will have more energy every day. Getting to the gym a few times a week can really help you have more energy.

Vitamin B12

Before taking any supplement you should always consult a doctor but if you can take Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body needs but cannot produce. It’s found naturally in animal products but also added to certain foods. Vitamin B12 has many roles in your body. It supports the normal function of your nerve cells and is needed for red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis. Producing more red blood cells will give you more energy.


16 thoughts on “Four Things Men Can Do To Have More Energy

  1. I was just reading this to my boyfriend and it reminded him he use to take B12. I think he is going to start taking it again! Thanks for the reminder! Candice Rice

  2. There is a huge difference in my body’s energy level when I take B12. I am you mentioned this because I have not taken it in a while and I thought the weather was making me feel sluggish but I need to get some B12.

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