Red Flags That Make A Woman Think Your Cheating


No man or woman ever wants to be cheated on in their lives. Cheating on someone, in my opinion, is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship and is immediate grounds to end the relationship. Once a cheater always a cheater and to be honest people that cheat once usually always do it again. These are things that make a woman think you are cheating.

Hiding Your Phone

Nothing is more of a red flag then hiding your phone. I know some of us just want some privacy or like things on our phone the way they are and in this day and age, our phone is like our wallet it has important information on it. But hiding it or not letting her ever see it will immediately make her think you’re cheating.

Talking About Other Girls

Not to mention being bad manners talking about how good looking other girls are or talking about ex-girlfriends just makes her think something is going on and it’s another red flag. If she is the woman in your life talk about her and how great she looks not someone else.

Not Telling Her Were Your Going

Just leaving and not telling here were or why you’re going someplace is another red flag. If you are going someplace and have nothing to hide why not tell her. If you are going to a place like the liquor store tell her your going and ask her what she wants it will elevate any untrust she had and score you some points by bringing home something she might want.

Sneaking Out

Going out without telling her is one thing but sneaking out is another red flag. Why do you need to sneak out? Where are you sneaking out too? Sneaking just causes untrust even if the intentions were good like sneaking out to get her a gift. No matter what sneaking out will make her think you are cheating.

Erasing Messages

Another big red flag that goes along with your cell phone is erasing messages. Nothing causes more untrust or makes her think your cheating then erasing a message, text or email. Then top it off by saying “I don’t want you to see that.” While you might be planning something nice for her its another thing to make her think your cheating.

Trust is a factor in any relationship both of you should trust each other completely or the relationship will always land on rocky ground. No one should be cheating in a committed relationship.


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