Tiege Hanley Skincare System Review

tiege hanley skincare

I started using Tiege Hanley after Youtuber Alpha M reviewed it on this channel. Tiege Hanley is a men’s skincare line designed and owned by a small group of men who noticed a need in the skincare for men industry.

Tiege Hanley Skin Care is a by-mail service that offers different levels of skincare products delivered right to your door. They sell on Amazon as well but if you want to order directly you can as well.

Tiege Hanley offers 3 levels of skincare. Level 1 offers an AM and PM moisturizer with a twice a day facial cleanser wash and a two to three-time facial scrub. The system recommends in the morning washing your face with the facial cleanser then applying a then AM moisturizer. Then at night washing your face again with the facial cleanser and applying the PM moisturizer. Tiege Hanley recommends twice to three times a week using the facial scrub which is a gritty kind of scrub to remove dead skin from your face.

Level 2 is the same thing as level 1 but offers an under-eye moisturizer to help with lines a crow’s feet. Which is very good I have used it personally as I subscribed to level 2. Level 3 adds a Super Serum which is applied once a week to help with wrinkles.

Tiege Hanley has recently started offering starter kits which include the twice a day facial cleanser, AM moisturizer and a lip cream at a cheaper price point. Tiege Hanley offers an Acne system as well. The lip cream, acne system, and super serum I have not tried yet as I am on level 2 but I have heard they are very good.

Tiege Hanley products do seem very high quality and look to be original in the formula as they are not just a white label company like many others in the subscription mail category for skincare. The under-eye moisturizer to me is the best part around my eyes do feel much better and not as dry as before the facial moisturizer is great dries nice and does not leave that film on your face like some of the other lower-end brands.

From the Tiege Hanley site the level 1 which includes the two to three times a week facial scrub, the twice a day facial cleanser and the AM/PM moisturizer will run you about $25 dollars a month which is not bad even when you look at what all of that would cost you at a local bargain store for less quality.

Level 2 which adds the under-eye moisturizer is $35 and Level 3 which includes both all that plus Super Serum is $45. If you are not comfortable with those price points try the basic plan for $15 which gives you the twice a day cleanser, lip cream and AM moisturizer.

I think Tiege Hanley is great by mail skincare system for me I liked it so much I subscribed to it on my own and I am glad I did my skin looks much better than it did when I started a few weeks ago.


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