Why Every Guy Should Carry A Pen

Why Ever Guy Should Carry A Pen

When you make the decision to reach for your personal pen it says something about you. To start with someone without a pen gives the feeling of being unprepared and being a time-waster. Nothing is more of a time-waster than having to ask a few people if they have a pen. When you reach and pull out your own pen it gives people and yourself the feeling of being prepared.

Every man should have a pen on him you never know when you are going to need to sign your name or sign an autograph in some cases. Make sure you have a pen no adult uses a pencil. To start with signatures must be in pen and pencil can be erased or rubbed off easily. Not to mention a pen can poke you or poke a hole in your clothing.

When heading to any business function I recommend everyone carry a pen imagine if go to a meeting and the client or buyer is ready to sign a deal and the whole thing gets hung up because you did not bring a pen. Not to mention it gives the person you are working with the feeling that you are prepared and ready when you have the pen. This little gesture of having the pen can even give them the push to sign the deal.

If you want to impress a girl you would be surprised how when you go to sign the check you pull out your own pen to sign the bill and not the one provided it gives a taking point and shows her you’re a take-charge and prepared kind of a guy.

In the end, is the pen while at times may be old fashion in the digital age we live it can be an important tool to have on you every day and no matter the cost you should add a pen to your everyday carry it should be like your wallet always on you and ready.


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